Bill Canty   Composer, keyboard player, MIDI arranger
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NB: This web site is W-A-Y out of date! But there are reasons, not least of which is this...

As the current state of the recorded music industry simply doesn't work for some musicians, myself included, the biggest of my lifelong musical ideas and plans have been made virtually worthless. But a couple of remaining plans are gradually taking shape: writing a film score (pending funding) and preparing a keyboard performance featuring advanced MIDI processing. There's no real news yet, but when there is this site will be updated. In the meantime, here's the old version...

Welcome to the Bill Canty web site!

A few years ago, I finished the first album in the Inner Resting Music series, Elysian Peace. There are a few more unfinished albums, one of which needs only a cover.

In the meantime, I'm working on a solo performance, which will be 100% live and feature some new, computer-enabled ways of playing keyboards; info and demos will be available.

So please feel free to read, listen to samples, contact me, or request to be notified of any news.



Elysian Peace "transcends the genre"
"Fantastic, textured, uplifting music"
"The ultimate relaxation/meditation disc"

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