Bill Canty   Composer, keyboard player, MIDI arranger
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FIGMENTS is an album I started late last century but, sadly, put on hold in order to do other things. It had no particular theme or purpose, but was simply a collection of pieces being created for the best of all reasons - the fun of it!

And yes, it definitely is fun playing with the amazing Yamaha VL70-m physical modeling synthesizer, mangling MIDI messages in Cycling74's Max program, experimenting with the computer and coming up with all sorts of music that would be completely impossible without today's technology. Although it's a tired old cliché, in this case it is appropriate to say that I'm limited only by my imagination.

Currently, these pieces are sitting on backup disks, waiting to be dusted off and given a overhaul ready for release. But while you're waiting, here's a demo containing excerpts from the original 1999 recordings...

Figments demo