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Elysian Peace cover
Elysian Peace (15-minute Demo)

"Transcends the genre"
"Fantastic, textured, uplifting music"
"The ultimate relaxation/meditation disc"

Immerse yourself in a beautifully rich and soothing world of celestial harps, angelic choirs, magical layers of orchestral and synthesized sounds, twelve 5-minute tracks flowing seamlessly together, a world of heavenly, elysian peace.

Elysian Peace is an uninterrupted hour of music offering a universally appealing rest in today's hectic world. The twelve 5-minute tracks flow seamlessly from one to the next, providing a gentle and unobtrusive way to time such activities as relaxation, prayer, study, walking and so on.

Beneath its apparent simplicity is a carefully structured and crafted composition. The work is skillfully produced with computers and synthesizers, using a variety of acoustic, orchestral and synthesized sounds. A main melody and other musical ideas recur throughout the piece, reappearing with different instruments, textures, tempos and keys, providing both familiarity and variation.

"My main intention in creating this album was to make it as beautiful, warm and rich as possible. I made a conscientious effort to permeate the music with subtle variation so that while it makes excellent background music, it also retains interest through repeated attentive listening."

This music does more than merely encourage your to relax - it picks you up with strong but gentle arms and carries you to another place, a world of heavenly, elysian peace.