Bill Canty   Composer, keyboard player, MIDI arranger
HOME About Live Performance Inner Resting Music Imaginable Music Contact   Bill at a gig Bill Canty was born in Melbourne, Australia, and has spent most of his life there, although he grew up in nearby Geelong and has now moved back there. He began his musical life at the age of nine as a self-taught church musician, first as a guitarist and the following year as the church organist and school accompanist. Piano lessons followed and, a few years later, flute lessons, youth orchestra, bands, eisteddfods and various other musical activities.

From 1979 to 1981 Bill studied at the Melbourne University Conservatorium with piano as his major study. From 1987 to 2001 he created the backing tracks used by Tikki & John's theatre restaurants, most notably Dracula's. He has done programmng work for Bruce Rowland, one of Australia's top film composers, and played synthesizer for a ballet in 2000 with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra. He has done recording sessions, live theatre work, arrangements and recordings of clients' songs, piano teaching, polyphonic ringtones for mobile phones... amongst many other things.

Bill at the concert hall In the early 80's Bill toured extensively with Jo Jo Zep, Max Merritt & the Meteors and Skyhooks (appearing on their "Live in the 80's" album). Since then he has played in several different bands, duos, performed solo, covered rock, swing jazz, and the huge range of styles required in the function and reception scene.

Bill has a fascination with synthesizers and sequencers, so much so that virtually all of his work so far is electronic. He bought his first synthesizer in 1981, first sequencer in 1985 and first computer in 1992. He is very skilled with MIDI instruments, and has remarkable attention to detail instilled by 10 years of classical piano study. In spite of this emphasis on synthesizers in his work, Bill's favourite musical activity is still playing 'real' instruments, especially classical piano. All of this allows him to put considerable finesse and expressiveness into whatever work he happens to be doing.

Dracula's backing tracks - Excerpts

He has recently said goodbye to the subsistence gigs of most of the last 25 or so years and is now working on his own diverse range of compositions and related projects. Please feel free to contact him about any musical projects that may pique his interest.